Disaster Housing Part II

A few months ago I created a prototype for a Hexayurt, a form of disaster housing made from insulation and tape. The prototype looked something like this:


I spent a few days over July 4th weekend with a helper building the Hexayurt out of 12 panels of RMAX Thermasheath Insulation, filament, and foil tape from Home Depot and Amazon. Here’s the material list I used:

– 12 4 foot x 8 foot RMax Thermasheath Panels
– 3 rolls of 6 inch filament tape
– 2 rolls of 3 inch filament tape
– 2 rolls of foil tape
– An old box cutter that broke during the project -_-

We didn’t end up using all of the tape but kept extra on hand just in case.

Below are just a few snapshots of the process:

12 Panels of RMAX Thermasheath Insulation
Slicing 6 of the panels diagonally
Covering exposed edges with foil tape to prevent the insulation from making a mess
More foil taping….
Connecting the panel halves to build one wing of the roof. Repeat 6 times
Connecting the 6 panels using the bookbinding method for the walls of the Hexayurt
Folding wall pieces



And there you have it: the elements of semi-folding hexayurt. There are four pieces in total for easy transport and they fold into a 4′ x 8′ pile of panels. I’ll do the final reveal in August!  Stay tuned for Part III on setup and securing it with rope and tent stakes.


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